Our Projects

ABCR Oversight Contract
June 2022 to present

The new oversight contract scope is to maintain all HBS ALIS scanning systems and RDT400 servers and utilizing such to monitor baggage lines and their throughput and rate of level 3 rejects hourly between 06h00 and 21h00 each day. These out-of-range reject rates and the like are escalated to management to increase awareness to have the situation managed on the ground and avoid excessive baggage dieback to the check-ins. Should this occur, there will be delays and backlogs in check-in rates due to baggage not moving timeously for sorting to their detention aircraft for loading.

ABCR Oversight 2

APIS++ Automatic Docking Systems at OR Tambo International Airport
March 2022 to present

APIS Docking 2

Krier Technologies was awarded the contract in 2003/2004 to supply, install and commission test, initially a quantity of thirteen APIS++ AVDGS (FMT Aircraft Docking Guidance Systems) units. These units were installed in 2004 and an additional eight units installed in 2005 at OR Tambo International Airport. These systems were integrated into the ACSA Operations Network AODB and ApisAdapter interface. In 2008 Krier was awarded a contract by ACSA to supply, install and integrate fourteen APIS++ AVDGS docking systems at the North Pier extension to the OR Tambo International Airport terminals. Krier has continued with the ongoing maintenance of the OR Tambo International Airport’s thirty-five docking guidance systems. Krier have continued to support Airports Company South Africa with real-time access to the units on a 18- hour a day basis.

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