About Us

At Krier, we are at the forefront of advanced technology solutions and services, ready to transform your challenges into opportunities. Our unwavering commitment to innovation enables us to provide you with cutting edge solutions that not only address your specific needs but also propel you ahead in your industry.

With a relentless focus on delivering excellence, we combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of your business, ensuring that each interaction adds a significant value to your operations. Experience the power of advanced technology solutions that elevate your business and drive lasting success.

How it Started

Krier Solutions (Pty) Ltd was born to create a solutions company that looks to the future of South Africa as well as the rest of Africa. In understanding the need to have a business establish a firm footing and grow from strength to strength.

It was envisioned that Krier Solutions be created to take the Krier Group into the future. Krier Solutions is made up of the expertise of the management team from Krier Technologies, Krier Africa and Ivy Crest. Krier Solutions prides itself on being a level 2 BBBEE contributor, and has the required expertise and knowhow to carry out all projects which are pursued.

Krier Technologies has been searching for a partner with the right skills and know-how to allow the company to grow from strength. After years of active searches they found the correct partner in Ivy Crest, they found a company which displayed professional and ethical integrity, as well as the acumen which would further carry out the Krier name. Ivy Crest is already intrenched in key industries including renewables energy and manufacturing.

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