Meet The Team

Barry Hart


Barry is an experienced technical officer and executive manager for over 30 years in the airports aviation industry. He had experience in baggage sorting and transportation infrastructure, AVDGS, EDS and ETD Systems, border X-ray cargo container scanning and LPG cylinder filling plants.

Sfiso Jiyane


S’fiso is a qualified Chartered Accountant and business owner, with over 10 years’ experience in energy, mining, construction and rail.

Benny Jiyane


Benny is a businessman with over 30 years of corporate and executive management experience, primarily in the steel and defense industries.

Sarah Truscott


Sarah has over 10 years of administrative experience at Krier, gaining a deeper understanding of the organisation's operations.

Nhlanhla Mkwanazi


Nhlanhla is the current CEO of Krier Solutions. He has over 10 years of managerial experience in telecoms, technology, advertising and aviation.

Rob King


Rob is a seasoned executive with 30 years Board experience in the property, construction, heavy engineering, manufacturing and investment companies. He also serves as Chairperson of the Maths Centre NGO.

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